Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag


Color:  Hot Pink & Gold

28" H x 9" W

Each Yoga Bag contains a set of Crystals to be used during your yoga practice creating an energetic grid around you.

At the beginning of your yoga practice, feel into your intention and select your crystals based upon your deepest heart wish. Then place them around your mat creating a grid of energy around you.

During Savasana You can place them on your heart or third eye.

This is a great way to feel a strong connection to your intention and the earth beneath you.



10% of the profits from the purchase of this item funds the OmLuxe Collective in India.

The OmLuxe Collection is hand-made by a Collective of Women in India growing into economic self-suffiency through the art of their hands. They are crafting their own independence and becoming financially self-sufficient.

A woman in the developing world spends an average of 90 cents out of every dollar on education and healthcare for her children and family.  For men, the statistics are closer to 30%, so that supporting women has a multiplier effect as her family and community also benefit from her choices, leadership, and prosperity.

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