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The OmLuxe Collection is a Life-Style Brand handcrafted with the Modern, Empowered, Globally-inspired woman in Mind.

 Meaningful, Empowering, Sacred & Beautiful

We create High-Vibrational Handbags, Yoga Bags & Meditation Cushions using set intentions & crystals

The Crystals chosen for you are carefully Selected, Cleansed, Super-Charged and given Sound Baths before being sent to you and are powerfully aligned to balance and activate the Chakra System enhancing Spiritual Well- Being

Each Chakra has a Crystal associated with it to improve the flow of energy within the body and to help clear the senses and revitalize you physically and emotionally

Keeping Crystals close to your body is healing and clarifying and can serve as a visual reminder to stay on your path

Private Crystal Energy Readings available upon request


Aligning Spirit -Fashion -Empowerment

Custom-crafted Handbags

and Accessories

with seriously Potent Healing Powers

 Made with Love + Peace